August 12, 2010

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Up to $30 billion investment needed for health sector

According to a recent study, $25–$30 billion in new investment will be needed in health-care assets, including hospitals, clinics, and distribution warehouses over the coming 10 years to meet the growing health care demands of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Other news

How to Leverage the Private Sector to Improve Access to Health Care?

Agenda to mobilize the responsible development of private sector health care in sub-Saharan Africa: 1. Develop and enforce quality standards. Initial efforts at enhanced regulation …


How to do it, how to measure returns, how it is growing – the Impact Investing Forum in UK on 30 Nov-1Dec

Top names in Impact Investing are gathering in London on 30 Nov-1 Dec for an Impact Investing Forum organized by Hanson Wade. This is a fast-growing sector, both for investors who want to see their funds contribute to sustainability in the world and support development and fight poverty, and for investors who are looking for an alternative asset allocation strategy. The theme is “Engage as an Investor: Identify the Right Products, Ensure Commercial Returns, Measure Impact”.