April 5, 2010

Exchange news

AltX companies struggle to attract investors

Companies on Johannesburg’s Alternative Stock Exchange (AltX), a division of the JSE Ltd (www.jse.co.za), continue to struggle to attract sufficient mainstream attention. However, at a recent conference, one fund manager told them to concentrate on running their companies well and not to watch the share price continuously.

Exchange news

Kenya aims for 25-year Treasury bond

Kenya’s Government says it will float the first 25-year bond since the 1960s, as part an initiative to help financial institutions offer long-term debt products such as mortgages and project finance

Exchange news

Nigerian Stock Exchange – who will be the next CEO?

Nigerian media has been writing about the succession of acclaimed Prof. Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke, set to withdraw as Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in November 2010. She had pledged to stand down several times, linked to a planned demutualisation for the NSE.