Zimbabwe SE seeks to restore IFRS compliance by listed companies

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is seeking to reinforce International Financial Reporting Standards again on its listed companies. Many had stopped using the standards in runaway inflation (which reportedly peaked at over 231 million percent), but the introduction of US dollar-based figures and transactions allows them to reintroduce it.
South Africa’s W. Consulting (www.wconsulting.co.za), in partnership with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (www.icaz.org.zw) recently held a workshop with local firms on IFRS. W. Consulting is an independent technical accounting & professional skills training and advisory business based in South Africa, advising many SA listed companies and reportedly accredited to the JSE Ltd.
Currently, a ZSE panel of experts is responsible for checking IFRS compliance. It encourages accurate and correct presentation of companies’ financial accounts including historical data and internationally comparable balance sheets and disclosure. This makes it easier for investors, including external investors.
According to a report in the Herald newspaper, ZSE chief executive Emmanuel Munyukwi said that IFRS compliance is compulsory for all listed companies, but that some did not comply for the last financial period.
According to the newspaper, head of W. Consulting South African operations Tapiwa Njikizana said IFRS compliance was critical for JSE-listed firms to attract and retain foreign investors’ participation: “An investor sitting in China, Japan or somewhere else in Asia requires historical data about a company in order to make decisions. Without adherence to IFRS, he needs a lot of time to understand how and why certain things are done in Zimbabwe, but with IFRS he knows standards are uniform across the globe,” he said.
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe has fought hard to ensure that the country’s accounting profession remains accredited or recognised by the International Accounting Standards Board.


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