What do you wish for the African stock exchanges?

What are your wishes for improvements to the African securities markets, including markets for equities and bonds, in 2011?
Who are the key movers and shakers in our continent’s capital markets development and who should this blog ask for their opinions?
Is 2011 the year that impact investing will have an impact in Africa?

It would be much appreciated if you would kindly make your suggestions using the comments boxes below. Question 1 is your ideas on the changes and improvements you would like to see and question 2 who should we ask about what difference he or she aims to make to African capital in 2011, question 3 whether you know of impact investments that make a difference. You can also discuss on the African Securities Exchange discussion forum on Linked in. In the meantime, here are a few ideas from Rob Stangroom’s excellent African IR blog –8 ideas to improve African capital markets on www.africanir.com.

We wish all our loyal readers a very happy, successful 2011 full of joy and business success. May your bull runs be elephants and may crocodiles eat the bears. Thanks for your support which encourages the blog and we hope to give you useful posts in 2011.


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