Tullow Oil listing to double value of shares on Ghana Stock Exchange

Tullow Oil plc (www.tullowoil.com) is expected to start trading on the Ghana Stock Exchange (www.gse.com.gh) from 27 July after allocating 3,531,546 ordinary shares of 10p each in a successful offer of up to 4,000,000 shares. The company says this is the largest primary share offer completed on the GSE and will more than double the market capitalisation.
The offer was open between 13 June and 4 July and shares were offered at 31 Ghana Cedis. During this period, 10,147 valid applications were received for 3,531,546 shares, representing 109.5 million Ghana Cedis ($72.3m). Everyone who submitted a valid application is to receive their shares in full, applicants are to have their GSE Securities Depository Accounts credited with their allotted shares today (25 July) and can start trading the shares on 27 July.
Tullow is also applying to the UK Listing Authority (www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/doing/ukla) to admit the extra shares to the Official List (they rank pari passu with previous shares) and to the London Stock Exchange plc (www.londonstockexchange.com) for the shares to be admitted to trading, also expected for 27 July. The same would apply to the Irish Stock Exchange (www.ise.ie).
Aidan Heavey, chief executive, said in a company announcement: “I am delighted by the success of our offer on the Ghana Stock Exchange, the largest primary share offer ever completed in Ghana. Ghana remains at the heart of Tullow’s investment decisions and underpins our long-term future in Africa.
“I would like to welcome all new shareholders, including Ghana’s National Basic Pension Scheme, to Tullow and thank them for their investment in the company. I look forward to updating all our shareholders with news of our progress, both in Ghana and beyond, over the coming years.”
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