Reuters covers new Global Board of Trade exchange

Thomson Reuters (, a leading source of trading information, is providing real-time prices and data from the Global Board of Trade ( a multi-asset class exchange based out of Mauritius. The agreement for this was announced following the official opening of the Global Board of Trade exchange on 15 October. GBOT “offers a range of commodity derivative products including metals, energy, agri-soft and currency derivative products.”
Finance professionals using Thomson Reuters Eikon or Thomson Reuters 3000 Xtra desktops will be able to access real-time data from GBOT for gold and silver contracts and five currency futures: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, JPY/USD, ZAR/USD and USD/MUR. The data includes bid and ask prices, volumes, latest trades and related information and news on the commodities and currencies.
Russell Haworth, Managing Director of Middle East & Africa, Thomson Reuters, commented in a press release: “Thomson Reuters is proud to be a part of this historic moment for the Global Board of Trade and welcomes the agreement which will help bring the data from this new multi-asset-class exchange to the rest of the world. Mauritius is well positioned to become a hub for trading in the continent.
“Thomson Reuters is encouraged by the growth prospects for Africa and the increasing demand for information and insight into this vibrant market. We are committed to helping their financial markets further develop and prosper.”
Joseph Bosco, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of GBOT commented: “Having Thomson Reuters on board to disseminate real-time data from GBOT to its global network is a very significant development for us. As an international multi-asset exchange from Mauritius, we will ensure global investors get access to the fastest growing economies of Africa. We will definitely benefit from the wide reach and network of Thomson Reuters. We are proud to associate with a reputed information services provider like Thomson Reuters and look forward to working together to create mutually beneficial opportunities”.
GBOT is the latest African exchange to be added to Thomson Reuters real-time data offerings, and follows the recent starts of real-time data offerings from the Lusaka, Nairobi, Nigerian and Ghana stock exchanges.

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