New York Institute of Finance launches Nigerian links

Nigerian stockbrokers are to build their expertise under a working relationship between the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) and the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) on capacity building, according to this story in Leadership newspaper.
Patrick Fitzgerald, Managing Director/CEO of NYIF visited the Nigerian Stock Exchange and said the two institutes have had several meetings and are close to concluding an agreement.
The NYIF, established 1922 is described as a global learning institute where professionals study, work and exchange ideas and information regarding financial products and also discuss legal and regulatory issues affecting the global financial market. It also produces leadership videos and training and Success television.
Ariyo Olushekun, President of CIS, said talks between CIS and NYIF started in 2009 when Nigeria’s bond market as being reactivated. CIS took 27 stockbrokers to NYIF for fixed-income and alternative-investment training. The relationship has since been revived and he says CIS will be the outpost for NYIF in Nigeria as well as in Africa. He anticipates a memorandum of understanding, which is in progress.


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