JSE sets new trading record – 230,797 trades on 10 August

South Africa’s Johannesburg Stock Exchange (www.jse.co.za) says that a record number of trades were executed on the exchange today (10 August). The JSE is the biggest securities market in Africa and its new trading record is 230,797 trades, valued at more than R29 billion ($4 bn).
The JSE FTSE All Share index rose 267 points to close at 28,658. The volume of shares traded was 531.5 million shares), according to a press release.
Head of Equities Trade, Leanne Parsons, said: “The JSE’s equity market moved sharply today, after yesterday’s holiday and following big moves on world markets. Our new record, of 230,797 trades, marks a 12% increase on our previous record of 205,784 transactions. That is a significant jump.”


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