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New stock exchange launched in Egypt

The brand new Nile Stock Exchange ( saw strong trading appetite on 3 June, its first day of trading. NILEX is an initiative of the Egyptian Exchange (EGX – and aims to support growing medium and small enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Capital raising

Investors back $ billions of African bonds

Interest in African sovereign debt has been climbing again in recent months. Angola plans to issue a $1 billion – $2 billion benchmark bond., Kenya, Nigeria and Mauritius and many other countries have flourishing debt markets and international interest is good in high-yielding hard-currency bonds such as those issued by the Republic of Congo and Cote d’Ivoire.

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Standard Chartered starts taking over Barclays custody services

Standard Chartered Bank in Kenya ( is to issue KSh 2.5 billion ($30.2 million) in new shares in order to buy the custody business of Barclays Bank of Kenya, as part of an acquisition of Barclays Bank’s custody business across Africa.

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Nigeria SE says trading system is not obsolete, considers demutualization and prepares second-tier market

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) management has hit back at claims that its trading system is obsolete and urged the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rather to support building confidence in the market

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JSE breaks 3 records for numbers of trades in global market volatility

Volatility and increased uncertainty in global markets last week meant extra demands for huge trading volumes on world markets. South Africa’s JSE Ltd. handled the increased action and it broke three trading records with record numbers of trades first on Wednesday and then again on Friday. At least one leading US exchange had some error trades last week.

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Nigeria’s SEC publishes new rules

Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has new rules, according to local press. The new rules, signed by Director General Ms Arunma Oteh, became effective from 1 April

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Somali pirates stock exchange finances sea ventures

Inside the Somali pirates stock exchange, where their voyages are financed (and missing pirates mourned). An interesting story by Reuters.

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JSE to offer “Dark Pool” for very large trades

South Africa’s JSE Ltd this week announced that it was close to creating Africa’s first “dark pool” for trading large orders. These are structures that allow bidders to post and transact very large orders or block orders without disrupting the market, for instance prices and volumes may not be revealed publicly before the trade but only get posted after the event.

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“Regulation stops SA from being centre for Africa’s mining finance”

South Africa could be the centre of mining finance for Africa, according to Mick Davis, CEO of international mining company Xstrata, as reported in the local Business Day newspaper. However, he is reported to have told a business school audience that restrictions by the JSE Ltd stock exchange and remaining exchange controls made this almost impossible to achieve.

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AltX companies struggle to attract investors

Companies on Johannesburg’s Alternative Stock Exchange (AltX), a division of the JSE Ltd (, continue to struggle to attract sufficient mainstream attention. However, at a recent conference, one fund manager told them to concentrate on running their companies well and not to watch the share price continuously.

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Kenya aims for 25-year Treasury bond

Kenya’s Government says it will float the first 25-year bond since the 1960s, as part an initiative to help financial institutions offer long-term debt products such as mortgages and project finance

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Nigerian Stock Exchange – who will be the next CEO?

Nigerian media has been writing about the succession of acclaimed Prof. Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke, set to withdraw as Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Stock Exchange in November 2010. She had pledged to stand down several times, linked to a planned demutualisation for the NSE.

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African securities markets – shock move to integrated trading pool

Fears of the potential impact of IT disruption on African capital markets, combined with a long-running initiative to pool fragmented markets for more liquidity, led to a shock decision by the African markets association today to switch to a single African market platform at short notice.


Bond market coming to Ethiopia, and experts review T-Bills

Ethiopia may soon have corporate bonds, paving the way to a bond market, according to a press conference last week by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. According to a report in the respected Fortune weekly newspaper, the Prime Minister told media on 18 March that state-owned enterprises would start issuing bonds

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Angolan Stock Exchange “in next 12 months”

All the frameworks are in place for an Angolan stock exchange, and a first listing and official launch could be expected in the current year, 2010, says former Finance Minister José Pedro de Morais, Jr, who is closely involved n the board of the future bourse.

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Mauritius introduces new instruments and lists funds as traders get active

Sunil Benimadhu, Chief Executive Officer of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius: The Mauritius market lost 50% in, as investors worried about the fallout of the …

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COSSE’s hub and spoke model

Sunil Benimadhu, Chief Executive Officer of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius: We have had lots of discussion on how to link different markets. Lots of …

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Angolan stock market within 12 months

Eduardo Vieira, President of Angolan stockbroker Novacao Corretora de Valores As the former minister has said, we strongly anticipate that there will be a stock …

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Kenya’s bond trading developing fast

Andre DeSimone, Kestrel Capital stockbroker, Nairobi The Nairobi capital market has seen a lot of volatility and many local institutions pulled out. At one point, …

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We are blogging LIVE from the 5th Annual African Investment Conference, organized by stockbroker Securities Africa and Citigroup. This brings to London a lot of the top listed companies, and gives them chances for a series of one-to-one meetings with institutional and other investors.