January 23, 2010

Exchange news

Zimbabwe SE seeks to restore IFRS compliance by listed companies

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is seeking to reinforce International Financial Reporting Standards again on its listed companies. Many had stopped using the standards in runaway inflation, but the introduction of US dollar-based figures and transactions allows them to reintroduce it.

Exchange news

Share and debenture offers in Liberia

According to a report, the Central Bank of Liberia has given local company Cellcom permission to sell convertible debentures and the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) to sell shares although there is no formal stock exchange in Liberia.

Exchange news

New bond listing on Rwanda’s capital market

The capital market in Rwanda took another step forward with the listing on 22 January of a new Rwf2.5 billion (US$4.4 mln) two-year Treasury bond on the Rwanda Over The Counter (ROTC) exchange. According to the issuer, the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR), the bond has a 9.5% coupon rate.